Many years back when content streaming was very new, we all faced “buffering” issues.

When we were to be engrossed in the video, suddenly it would so stop and the video would start buffering.

I remember having a Dial Up connection which would run at an average of 47 kbps – can’t imagine having such slow internet today 🙄

ADSL was also not very fast and video streaming was not great on this as well.

Netflix has been in the market since 2007 and has gone through many technological enhancements to deliver smooth content to it’s audience.

Having said this, Netflix also launched to help consumers test their internet speed – (I’d still recommend for testing your internet speed).

Netflix perfected the ability to use adaptive bitrate streaming technology to adapt to the consumers internet connectivity.

I have personally experienced low bandwidth streaming using Netflix and I must say it’s impressive in delivering high quality streaming.

Now all this does not apply to streaming 4K videos with Netflix, that requires sufficient internet bandwidth and a compatible screen.

Technology has evolved proportionately with consumer behavior and companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime have maintained it’s customer experience winning a large audience set.

In India Netflix launched special Mobile Only plans to help increase it’s subscription base.

Being aligned with market needs is highly important in this volatile technology world.

Netflix & Amazon Prime have the right recipe for success. It will be interesting to note how things progress from here.

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